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Happy Holidays and New Year

Holiday Greetings for 2021

Season's Greetings from Campus!

Barnard Year of Science

During 12月ember we're focusing on Psychology
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Learn how a Barnard education embraces the whole self and fosters empowerment. And join the scientists, 运动员, 诗人, 表演者, 艺术家, and activists who make up Barnard's nearly 2,600名学生及35名学生,000 +女校友.

An Education for Tomorrow

  • 一个灵活的课程

    The Barnard Foundations curriculum encourages you explore widely across disciplines, 发现新领域, 然后潜到深处. It’s structured to ensure that you examine the world through a variety of lenses.

  • Advanced 研究 机会

    In order to solve problems, you have to think critically and creatively. IM体育官方网站, you have multiple opportunities to hone these skills through faculty-mentored, structured research in the sciences or humanities.

  • Digital Literacy Across Disciplines

    Dancers research the data of movement. Historians build digital visualizations of complex ideas. You’ll need digital skills whatever your discipline, and Barnard is the first liberal 艺术 school to require that you learn to interpret and create digitally.

的声音 & 故事


Professor 3月ía de la Paz Fernández



Archer Nidhi Kanchumarthi ’23

"Upon joining Columbia’s archery team and the Barnard academic community in my first year, I found that the skills I work on developing on the archery field have complementary applications in my academic and professional life." 

Rower Katherine Duff ’22

"Being an athlete brings focus to my college experience. The dedication of my teammates and the sacrifices that they make to 追求 both athletic and academic success is inspiring."

Volleyball Players Cadence Gronski ’25 and Vanessa Pan ’23

两个运动员, resuming training and games means returning to their support system of friendships and order on campus.

Rower Coxswain Caroline Yu ’22

"Being a student-athlete gives me a structure that is unique compared to a normal college experience."

Rower Hayley Willner ’22

"Rowing gives me a nice opportunity to get out of my head and focus on the workout instead of stressing about what I have to do that day."